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Who Are We and What do We Do?

ARPAL offers Executive Coaching and Mentoring,  Team Development and Leadership Training.  We do this through bespoke programmes, one-to-one sessions and novel high intensity workshops. Our network of experienced professionals offers a skilled, enthusiastic and personable approach to help you run your business on a day-to-day basis, grow it into what you dream for it and transform it to stay ahead of the competition. We are expert at melding the commercial with the human to create effective, motivated teams.

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Who Do we work with?

Our clients range from micro businesses and spin-outs to £multi-million organisations. With a strong Life-Sciences and Health background, we enjoy helping technical people towards commercial success, but our approach proves relevant to a wide range of industries. We’ve helped social enterprises, Government departments and private companies in health, construction, IT, education, leisure and business services.

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Why Work With Us?

Do you ever wonder about the following: motivation, recognition, enthusiasm, leadership development, project management? Our clients have brought us questions on all these and we have created bespoke schemes to help them. Our testimonials say it better than we ever could!

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At ARPAL we don’t really like the term ‘Management Consultant’ – it feels far too directive and distant. We aren’t comfortable with the idea that we could expect to walk into your business as experts and just tell you what to do – you know your business better than we do.  However, as we are all people who have run our own businesses or departments we do hope to bring you new ideas and fresh perspectives that will re-energise you and your company.


Our prime aim is to bring a strong commercial and real-world focus to the much softer set of skills which make up leadership development.  Experience of running businesses in a tough world means that not only can we take the rough with the smooth – but we can also show how this can be made manageable without sacrificing deeply held values. Although our Associates have formal education in business, coaching, mentoring and training, it is our practical know-how and real world experience that make the real connection between developing people and commercial success. Yes, we like KPIs, but we also like people.

Alison has proved to be a fantastic business advisor, who has an in depth understanding of business development, and who has greatly benefited us as a company.

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